The Cultural Life Education Team

The Cultural Life Education Team is a group of trained facilitators that helps meet the need for Justice, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion education across Northeastern’s global network.

  • Student organizations or student leaders seeking to be more inclusive and hold a social-justice mindset.
  • Academic departments and student support centers assisting students at various intersections of identity.
  • Faculty interested in adapting intercultural pedagogical practices in the classroom.
  • Collectives interested in building leadership skills rooted in intercultural communication and creating authentic relationships across difference.

We work to develop a community for educators on campus to learn how to facilitate and hold space as trained DEI professionals. This team helps meet the demand for DEI education across the Northeastern global network. Due to increasing demand for DEI-related training, the Cultural Life Education Team was formulated in 2019 by the former Director of the Center for Intercultural Engagement, Karin Firoza. This team has developed a cohort of strong intercultural and critically conscious educators on campus. These educators operate as trainers, presenters, facilitators, consultants, active listeners, connectors, and resources for Northeastern learners. This team facilitates the LIBRE (Leading Inclusion and Belonging with Resources and Education) Series and other ad hoc training requests.

The Cultural Life Education team provides a series of opportunities that are designed to expand the skill level of Northeastern learners regarding Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. We accept ad hoc training requests and facilitate a core series for students called LIBRE (Leading Inclusion and Belonging with Resources and Education) Series with the following objectives for Northeastern students:

  • Critically reflect on their multiple identities and confront their social positioning within the systems we navigate.
  • Expand foundational intercultural engagement skills and an understanding of a social-justice framework to engage authentically across difference with Northeastern community members and work toward systems change.
  • Develop a social justice and identity conscious lens and adopt justice-oriented values through a theory to practice action project.