Dani Rodriguez
Assistant Director

Dani Rodriguez

Social Justice Resource Center
[email protected]
Pronouns She/Her

Born in Venezuela and raised in Texas, Dani has always been surrounded by diverse cultures, identities, and individuals. She earned her Bachelor of the Arts degree in Political Science and International Affairs (NU’21) and is completing her Master of Science in Security and Resilience Studies (NU’22).

She is passionate about exploring how intersectional identities and intercultural opportunities can foster community-based resiliency. As such, Dani strives to continually inform decisions, programming, engagement, and herself from multiple perspectives, working to ensure that all members of the community are heard, represented, and supported. Other passions and interests for Dani include systems of education, systems of inequity and inequality, and art as a tool for expression (particularly painting, the written word, and music).

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