First-Gen Undocumented Low-Income Network

FUNL Network

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What is FUNL?

The FUNL Network aims to expand cross-institutional community and resources to ensure that first-generation, undocumented and low-income students thrive at Northeastern.

The FUNL Network provides opportunities for FUNL-identifying students to build community and connect with one another through student organizations, events, newsletters, celebrations, and more.

The FUNL Network offers campus education for faculty and staff to develop the cultural competency that is necessary to ensure the success of FUNL-identifying students via intentional support.

The FUNL Network seeks to elevate the voices of FUNL-identifying students and to center their experiences within the broader Northeastern narrative.

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Interested in getting involved?

If you would like to express interest in becoming a member of the FUNL Network, please fill out this form.

Become a “Friend of FUNL” and sign up for our FUNL newsletter here!

Contribute to First-Gen Week celebrations (the week of or following November 8 every Fall semester).

Contribute to First and Foremost, a literary magazine by and for first-generation, low-income, and undocumented students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members. To learn more email [email protected] and find us on Instagram @firstandforemostnu.

FUNL Definitions

First-generation college student is often defined as a student whose parents or guardians have not earned a four-year degree in the U.S.

However, definitions vary between states, schools, and institutions, and we want to include you if you identify as first-generation based on your family’s level of educational attainment and limited exposure to or knowledge about attending college.

An undocumented student is someone who has entered the United States with no formal checkpoint, inspections, or verification, or who has overstayed a temporary visa.

We also want to recognize students who are DACA recipients, have undocumented family members (mixed-status families), and anyone else who identifies with the undocumented experience (“undocu-plus”).

Low-income college student is often defined as a student who qualifies to receive the Pell Grant, a federal grant provided to students who qualify based on information on their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

You might also identify as low-income if you experience food or housing insecurity, are eligible for government assistance programs, or cannot afford other basic needs. We want to include you if you identify as low-income based on your financial situation.

First-Gen Low-Income Student Union


First Gen Low Income Student Union

The First Gen Low Income Student Union is a student-led organization with a mission to close the support and information gap for low-income and/or first-generation college students, as we adjust to our new environment, lifestyle, and academic life. To get involved, visit FGLISU on Instagram and check out their linktree to sign up for mailing lists, Discord servers, and GroupMe chats.