First-Gen Forward

First-Gen Week

First-Gen Week is an annual signature event hosted by the Center for Intercultural Engagement and the First-Gen Low-Income Student Union that celebrates and uplifts first-generation students, faculty, and staff as well as the strengths and perspectives this community brings to Northeastern’s campus.

Am I First-Gen?

First-generation college student is often defined as a student whose parents/guardians have not earned a four-year degree in the U.S. However, definitions vary between states, schools, and institutions, and we include anyone who identifies as first-generation based on their family’s level of educational attainment and limited exposure to or knowledge about attending college.

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First-Gen Week

Northeastern University is a First Gen Forward institution. Launched in June 2017, NASPA’s First-Gen Forward program is the nation’s first recognition program acknowledging higher education institutions for their commitment to first-generation student success

First-Gen Awards Ceremony

With our First-Gen Awards Ceremony we honor and celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of first-generation students for their academic, professional, and leadership endeavors. If you are interested in nominating a student for the awards ceremony for this upcoming First-Gen Week (November 8 of each year) please view the link in the CIE Instagram @CIEnortheastern where you will also find the deadline for submissions.


Recognizing first-gen students for their efforts in developing a first-gen community at Northeastern or in Boston

Recognizing first-gen students involved in solving inequality and injustice at Northeastern, in their field, or community

Recognizing first gen students for excellence in their classes at Northeastern, defined by exceptional GPA and/or academic growth

Recognizing first gen students taking hold of exceptional or outstanding experiential learning opportunities in their field like research, internships, co-ops, etc.

Recognizing first gen students for exceptional leadership in student organizations, university offices, and/or cultural centers